Antiplaque Total Solutions toothpaste is the ultimate total solution for your oral hygiene. Antiplaque’s advanced formula with its 4 (four) active ingredients protects your teeth and gums, and its fresh cool-mint flavor gives you long lasting freshness.

The four active ingredients :

  • Sodium Monofluorophosphate (Fluoride)
  • Cloxifenol, known as Triclosan (antiseptic)
  • Arnica Montana extract (astringent, anti-inflammatory)
  • Eugenia Caryophyllus extract or Clove Oil (natural analgesic)

These active ingredients combined together enable Antiplaque to effectively :

  • Inhibit plaque
  • Inhibit tartar
  • Inhibit caries (tooth decay)
  • Inhibit the development of gingivitis
  • Reduce the recurrence of gum bleeding
  • Reduce the recurrence of aphthae (mouth blisters)
  • Reduce teeth sensitivity
  • Reduce halitosis (oral malodor)

Use Antiplaque after each meal for at least 7 (seven) consecutive days and feel the difference. With only 1 cm of Antiplaque every time you brush your teeth, get the total solution for your daily oral care.

Antiplaque is available in three (3) sizes