Hotel Business, Supplies and SPAs

Are one of our most important clients. We have been supplying many first class International hotel chains with hotel soaps and toiletries since 1995.
Our popular hotel soap and liquid products has already been used by high class hotels and hotel chains.
Hotel companies may choose to order soap from existing product lines or order a completely new soap with a particular fragrance and shape. In any case, we are always available to assist them.

The current trend in hotel trade is to provide hotel guests with the luxury of transparent and solid soap. We offer our clients high quality transparent and solid soap in different colors and shapes
Our Hotel Products
• Solid Soaps • Glycerin Soaps • Liquid Items • Hotel Toothpaste

Solid Soaps

We have the experience and the knowledge of making any kind of soap shape for hotel amenities.
The general shapes are round and square.
The standard square shape weighs 15g, with variations ranging from a regular square to an irregular square such as an oval shape. All of the 15g soaps are individually unwrapped to keep the cost low.
The round shape is our most popular hotel soap. The color of the soap itself is broken white. It has a refreshing fragrance, and comes in many different sizes and wrappings. It is customized to fit your hotel needs.

Transparent Soaps

Spice up your establishment with eye catching transparent soap. This soap will definitely add luxurious feel to complete your bathroom products.

We can custom made any logical shapes for your transparent soap needs.
Wow your guest with the beautiful transparent soap.

Liquid Items

Since 1990, we have been producing liquid products for hotel&resort, apartments, guest house and hospitals.
All of our liquid products only use stable components and has been tested its stability and quality in our very own R&D. And to top it all, we only use Aqua Dest water that we produced it our self for our liquid and toothpaste products.

All color can be customized to your needs.

We carry fragrance for our liquid items such as:

Florally smell
Fruity smell and,
Typical aromatheraphy smell such as Sandalwood and Green Tea

Packed either in 35ml hard tubes or in 20 liter container, our typical liquid products are:

Bath Gel
Conditioner, and
Hand & Body Lotion