Company Overview

When Triple Ace Corporation started its business in 1972, its products were mostly sold to the local market which now has about 180 million population. Working together with a distribution company, TAC products have become widely spread throughout Indonesia. The products are sold through various outlets such as supermarkets, wholesalers, and retail shops. Sales are also made through many institutions such as hospitals, co-ops, and hotels.

TAC has production capacity and product quality that would make it possible to compete in the international market. Also, TAC has the capability to develop and make products for companies who wish to get into the consumer goods business but do not have the facility to do so.

TAC products have been sold to many parts of the world. Furthermore, more and more customers have became TAC’s, and that says a lot about TAC’s future.

The History

Triple Ace Corporation was established in 1972, in Cimanggis, Indonesia, by Arman Sabini. Mr Sabini has thirty years of experience in distribution. He had worked for various companies before he finally founded his own distribution company. His many years of experience in distribution encouraged him to have a manufacturing company of his own to support his distribution network. Thus, in 1970, he started planning on building a factory which was later named Triple Ace Corporation.

TAC started its business in manufacturing cosmetics and toiletries. Within the first year of its operation, TAC was entrusted by “4711″, Cologne, Germany, a company which is internationally known for their “Eau de Cologne”, to hold the “4711″s license.

In the following year, the business of TAC had grown larger than expected, thus enabling TAC to expand its operation accordingly. The most notable increase was its business in wet tissues. In order to cope with the demand, TAC had to increase its production output by buying more machines and improving the production efficiencies.

In 1976, TAC began constructing a soap factory which was completed one year later. Before the factory was completed, TAC have had its people study about the latest technology in soap making. Because “guarantee for quality” is our motto, the company did not hesitate to invest in the best technology to make the best quality soap.

TAC is aware that all products have a certain life-time. Therefore, new products have to be developed and old products have to be improved in order to keep up with changes in consumer’s and market’s demand. So, in 1979, TAC started to strengthened its Research & Development and Arts & Graphics Design Department by providing them with fully equipped laboratories, a library and encouraging them to broaden their knowledge and skills through advance studies, seminars, etc.

Today, TAC’s is capable of producing wide varieties of soaps of any base, from a simple bar of soap, exotic soap such as inlaid transparent soap, up to supplying hotels, airlines, and other institutions with custom design products. In fact, TAC also make products for other cosmetic and toiletries companies and individuals.

Moreover, beside soaps, TAC can produces all types of liquids and non-liquids such as face and body lotions, foam bath, after shave, hair products, and toothpaste.

The Factory

TAC has an efficient 200 number of employees. The number of labor turn-over is low which means that TAC’s employees are happy working for the company. As a result, the workers are highly motivated.

The factory has many machines: standard and custom made. Of special interest is the soap factory. The machines are made by Mazzonni, Weber & Seelander, and Binacchi. The factory can make all types of soaps, e.g. solid soap, transparent soap, marbelized soap etc.

TAC makes its own solid soap noodle from Palm Oil, starting from preparation of raw materials through boiling, bleaching, refining, and all the way to the drying process. Then the soaps are mixed with additives and finally the soaps are cut, stamped, and packaged.

The technique of mixing the soap. noodle with additives, such as french milled has been improved by using modern machineries which incorporate the latest technology, thus yielding far better and faster result.

For transparent soaps, the current production output is about twenty four hundred kilograms per day. Some machineries used to produce TAC’s transparent soap are custom made because TAC uses unconventional and advanced techniques which yield the highest possible quality soap.

Reason to Choose Us

GMP Certified

Since 2008, our factory has been GMP Certified/CPKB by the BPOM. Rest assure that your product(s) are being made correctly with the correct procedure and quality.

Stable Formula

All products you buy are tested its quality and stability by our R&D Department. Many of our hotel items formulations has been in the market since 1995 and quite stable until today.

Aqua Dest

Specially for liquids and toothpaste products we used Aqua Dest water only. That’s right, Aqua Dest water, not tap water, not demin water, but high quality Aqua Dest water. Using Aqua Dest will ensure compliance in microbiology test, which will greatly extend the shelf life of our products.

Quality Control

Our QC Staff has extended experience in making sure that all products are check based on specification and SOP. It’s part of our service to you.

Our Previous and Present Customers